Uganda Export Promotion Board (UEPB) is a public Trade Support Institution established to coordinate the development and promotion of Uganda’s exports. It is the national focal point for export promotion and development. It is supervised by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, falling directly under the External Trade Department. It was established by a Statute of Parliament, UEPB Statute No. 2 of 1996, which repealed the Uganda Export Promotion Council (UEPC) Act No. 7 of 1983. The 1983 Act had previously repealed Parliamentary Act 17 of 1969 which established the first Uganda Export Promotion Council.

Our Mission

Facilitating the development, diversification, promotion and coordination of all export related activities that lead to growth on a sustainable basis


To position Uganda’s goods and services as products of choice in the international market.

Functions of UEPB

The Board was set up to serve five primary functions:

  • To provide trade and market information services (details of tariffs for all markets by product category, general market entry information, lists of importers by country and product category, price data, analyses of market trends, import and export procedures and documentation requirements, trade flows by products and trade partners, and market information dissemination)
  • To promote the development of exports (including provision of technical advice in production and post-harvest handling, and test marketing new exports)
  • To provide trade promotional services (including organizing, coordinating and participating in trade fairs, and organizing both inward and outward trade missions aimed at fostering export growth)
  • To provide customized advisory services such as basic business skills, export distribution channels, foreign trade practice, trade preferences available to Uganda, pre-shipment credit and other trade financing, and export
  • To formulate and recommend to Government export plans, policies and strategies

What we do

Our Mandate & Services

Uganda Export Promotion Board is a public Trade Support Institution (TSI). Our fundamental role is to facilitate and coordinate the development and promotion of Uganda's exports. As such our core functions, as enshrined in the Act, are to;

  • Provide trade and market information services
  • Promote and coordinate the development of exports
  • Provide trade promotional services
  • Provide customized advisory services
  • Formulate and recommend to Government export plans, policies and strategies

Accordingly we are structured in to two (2) service departments - Export Market & Product Development (EMPD) and Trade Information Division (TID). The statutory functions guide our service portfolio which is structured under five (5) pillars as below. These are geared towards "Helping you(the exporter) to export."

Trade Information Services

Designed to make available, on a consistent and timely basis, critical market and business information to facilitate exports. The information provided ranges from trade – such as statistics, policies and strategies – to business information including prices, buyers and competitor information, standards etc.
Services Include

  • Market News & Price Information Service
  • Business Mentoring & Advisory Service
  • Exporters Directory & Referral Service

Market & Product Development Services

Structured to build/enhance exporters understanding of export markets to facilitate day-to-day decision making. Guided by the product-market approach, we provide customized support services to facilitate market research activities, business strategy formulation and enterprise & product development activities of exporters..

Services Include
  • Business Matchmaking Service
  • Market Entry & Linkage Program
  • In-Market Business Support Service

Trade Promotion Services

Presence in the export market and promoting market awareness about Uganda’s export products are the fundamental objectives of this service pillar. Given the geographical separation and distance, exporters find it financially and technically challenging to effectively canvass export markets on their own. This is where UEPB comes in.

  • Trade Fair Participation Support Service
  • In-Market Business Promotion Service

Trade Policy Advisory

UEPB is the national focal point export promotion and development, a role that involves trouble-shooting to offer guidance on regulatory and policy challenges inhibiting export growth. Through forums and meetings

  • such as the Export Push Platform, Annual Exporters' Conference and Export Clinics
  • UEPB in collaboration with public and private stakeholders ensures clear communication of and prompt addressing of identified issues

Export Skills Development

Continuous skills and capacity development is part and parcel of all our services. However UEPB also has structured programs for continuous skills development. These include Quarterly Export Orientation Program, Export Coaching & Mentoring Program, Export Readiness Program and Export Curriculum Support Service.

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